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Sunridge Roofing Inc. in Saskatoon provides a wide range of roofing services for residential properties in the area.


Sunridge Roofing Inc. provides a variety of roofing services to meet any simple or complex need. We can create ice and water shielding to protect your roof during heavy winter snowstorms and summer thunderstorms. This includes a barrier which seals the nails that penetrate through it. The shield is placed about six feet above the gutter line. Roofing ventilation is also important and needs to work with the attic type and shape. We install, repair, and replace ridge, static, intake, and soffit vents. Our experienced roofers in Saskatoon also install shingles for new roofs, repairs, and upgrades.

Soffits & Fascia

Part of a high quality roof includes proper soffits and fascia. With our products, there will be no more scraping and painting. The professionally fitted metal conforms to your home’s unique angles and overhangs. We have several colors to choose from to match or contrast with the rest of your roof. With a superior fit and finish, your home will be protected and look modern, ensuring the roof lasts for many years.


Proper drainage is also essential for a home that’s free of excess moisture and flooding. You might think gutters protect your roof, but they also protect your foundation. Sunridge Roofing Inc. installs gutters and downspouts with durable materials that are secure. With our gutter systems, your roof will be maintenance free and if you choose a gutter cover, you won’t have to clean your gutters ever again. We focus on affordable, convenient, and modern solutions for our customers to give them more time to enjoy the outdoors instead of cleaning their gutters.

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