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Inspections and Consulting

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The first steps in repairing, installing, or replacing a roof is determining what type or work needs to be done, what materials will work best, and a budget for the project. Sunridge Roofing Inc. achieves this through our Saskatoon roofing inspections and consultations.


Our roofing professionals will inspect your roof, checking on the integrity of the shingles, the surface underneath, gutters, soffit, and fascia. We’ll also look for leaks, holes, or gaps and check for any loose shingles. We photograph and examine the roof from the front of the house, overview on top of the roof, and each side of the roof up close. We will rate your roof and determine what action, if any is needed. Inspections may be done at the homeowners’ request for any reason, before or during the sale of a home, or if there is a leak or other problem suspected. Sunridge Roofing Inc. will provide you with a full report on the inspection and explain everything to you in detail.


If you’re building a new roof, reroofing your home, or making major repairs, we offer consultations. These include drawing up a building plan as needed, selecting materials, determining a time and cost estimate, explaining any problems or concerns, and going over the job in detail. If you want to add additional features or improve on the current roof, we will go over the goals you have from chimney flashing to ventilation. Sunridge Roofing Inc. customizes every consultation to your specific roof, home, and needs.

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